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On Framaroot Online you find the newest APK tool for root your Android device with a single click you can download Framaroot apk free of cost. For your any tab or Smartphone you need to download Framaroot. By installing the app it allows you to root your any device. It is also possible to unroot your device which you have rooted with Framaroot.

root a android device

Just Flash your stock ROM and it will unroot your device. To find it supports your device,, you can easily find your Smartphone or tablet in devices section. It is time to root your android devices without PC and install su binary and super user on your android devices for more information check the FAQs and to know more about Framaroot.

How Framaroot works

Framaroot is an Android app that enables you to root your device without having to use a PC. It makes unrooting too very simple as all you have to do is choose that option in the app. If you have an android phone or tablet from versions 2.x to 4.x, you can install the su binary and Superuser too. The advantage of Framaroot is that in just one click you can have your device rooted even without any connection to a PC. Both rooting and unrooting are as easy as a click of your finger! To start using Framaroot, all you have do is download the application on your phone or tablet, install and launch the application while following the simple to understand instructions.

The Framaroot app is also unique because of the unique names given to several of its exploits, all of which are named after the heroic characters of the world renowned Lord Of The Rings. So if you are a fan of Aragorn, Frodo, Pippin, Gandalf, Legolas, Boromir, Gimli or Sam, you will be delighted to use this app even more on your phone! To download Framaroot, you just have to head over to the website After downloading the app, you will be prompted to choose between Superuser and SuperSU. Once chosen, you would be prompted to choose one of the many characters named after the Lord Of The Ring heroes. After this, reboot your phone or tablet and the app will be installed and ready for your device! Framaroot APK gives you real access to your device and unleash its possibilities and potential. You can do so much more if you have access to your phone from the ground (or root!) up. You don’t need to be tethered or limited to the user manual of your device anymore. You can go beyond the limitations of your device if you are able to root it.

Using an app like Framaroot ensures that you have in-depth access to your device. You can make it capable of doing tasks which you had never thought of or made it do before, such as customizing it with themes of your choice, tethering it wirelessly, overclocking, etc. By rooting your Android device, you can also run custom ROMs on your phone, which will give you access to even more features.  

Rooting your Android device would be like getting the administrator permissions in Windows or ‘sudo’ commands in Linux. Here are some other advantages of rooting your Android device with Framaroot:

  • You can install apps that are otherwise blocked by your carriers.
  • You can convert incompatible apps to be compatible with your device.
  • Get the smartest features from the latest version of Android.
  • You can automate your device even more using apps like Tasker. This can make your phone functionality even more seamless.
  • You can increase the battery life of your phone.
  • You can enhance the speed of your phone.
  • Block advertisements that appear in apps.

How to Install

free-framaroot Download a free App to aprove you a Human

free-framaroot Download Framaroot apk

free-framaroot Run the Framaroot apk and choose SuperSU

framaroot protection will be enabled

free-framaroot Select any character

framaroot You will see the progress:-)

free-framaroot Root it - installed

framaroot secure

framaroot api