How to root a Android Phone device

How to root android phone is the trending question that most people want the answer to. It is quite simple really as all you need is software like ‘Framaroot’ which can help you root your android 2.0 to 4.2, without using the computer or PC. All you need to do is download the Framaroot App and with just a simple click the app will enable Superuser and Su binary on your phone. Once installed just follow the instructions and on completion reboot the device and get ready to enjoy a whole lot of rom and features.

One other advantage of Framaroot is that it allows you to unroot the android if you want to unroot the device. You can download the Framaroot App to your computer of your smartphone. If you have downloaded the app to your computer then you need to copy the APK file to your smartphone memory and if it is on the device then have a separate folder for it.

For those who don’t know what android rooting is all about here’s the take. People buy expensive devices on which they cannot use the full potential of the Android phones. Rooting your android means that you can enjoy the latest version of the android and a number of other exciting features that have not been enabled as yet. So before they are officially available a rooted android phone will give you access to a whole lot of features and some of the best apps that are still not available on your device.

There are a number of methods that allow you to root android phones quite easily if you have the knowhow. However, you need to be careful with rooting as one simple mistake can turn your phone into a dummy if it hard bricks or loses data. Also remember once the android has been rooted it will lose all warranty. The safest way to root and android is to get the best software that will enable safe rooting

One of the best advantages of rooting android phones is that internal memory of the android phone can be increased to a large extent. You can also easily swap between internal memory and SD memory card and all you need to do is edit with vold.fstab file in the root directory. However, to get access to the directory you need to first root the android device. A rooted phone can allow you to access all the files on your mobile and so you can easily delete what you don’t want and add the system files that you find useful for your needs. Android rooting also speeds up the performance of the mobile. Rooting an android allows you to get several of custom rom which can change the usage of your android to better suit you.

There are also other methods that can reboot android phones without using software but they follow a complicated process. Downloading the Framaroot software is simple and easy method so use it to root your android phones.