What is Framaroot really and other Questions

does this Framaroot work on my phone or tab?
If your phone or tab in devices section then It would run on your device as well but latest version has fewer chances.

Does Framaroot work after I update my devices?
There are some security holes present in Framaroot . Which has been patched with new updates, so exploits can't root your device anymore. There is short life for Framaroot to protect your device against others malicious application. Framaroot is a temporarily rooting Android application.

After update I loose root, what is need to root my device again ?
After update if you want to keep root. It is advice don’try to update with ODIN or Kies for Android devices. OTA survival features are best in SuperSU or Superuser. You can also use traditional method like flash tools as well

May I expect more exploits in Framaroot?
it really depends upon vendor fixes. No one have clear idea about it.

When I choose Gandalf Exploit why does Framaroot crash?
Framaroot crashes when you launch Framaroot first time by selecting Gandalf. Don’t panic in this case you just need to re-launch Framaroot.

What is error# on result ?
Your phone or tab is not vulnerable if error comes between 0 to 9, Error 10 means Framaroot 1.5 would work.

Framaroot say Success but SuperSU is not installed after reboot ?
SuperSU is not installed even Framaroot say success?
Your devices has some additional protection and SuperSU is not working well. You need to use “Execute script” action in this case

What can I do when the result is Half-success ?
When your system partition is read-only then you would see this message. by adding "ro.kernel.qemu=1" . It is a trick to handle this case. To check this trick is working or not you just need to reboot your device. And your last chance work with “Execute Script”.

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